Diving In

Yesterday, hubby and I visited The Autism Show, handily on in our home city. We managed to collect all manner of leaflets on autism, ABA, different private therapy providers, sensory resources and more. They shall be added to the bumf

The Guilt and the ‘What Ifs’

The Guilt and the ‘What Ifs’

We’re a week since ‘A-Day’ now, and still my mind won’t switch off. I still haven’t managed to begin working my way through the bumf, although I have upgraded the temporary file to a rather pretty document box, so that’s

Born Naughty?

I’ve just caught up with the latest episode of Channel 4’s ‘Born Naughty?’. When this series started, we hadn’t yet received Tink’s diagnosis, but we had been for the assessments, so I was a little familiar with the process used

How Do I Begin?

I’m sitting here, after a sleepless night, a busy working day, a turbulent afternoon with a tired, ratty Tink (not helped by a tired, ratty Mommy!), trying to relax and watch some TV. But, out of the corner of my

The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

Hi. My name is Kelly. I am married to Dave and have two kids: H, who is 7,and Tink (not her real name, obviously, although in this day and age, who can tell?!)¬†who just turned 3. Periodically, there’s also J,

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