The Confirmation

Tink’s diagnosis report finally came through last week. It was basically the same report we were given at the outcomes meeting, but with an additional part discussing what took place at that meeting.  This little extract is the bit that

We Need to Look After Us…

I read a post on Facebook from the fabulous Cat on a Trampoline today about respite – do you have much time away from your littles, particularly those with additional needs, overnight? My answer? No. None. Not once since Tink arrived have

A Trying Day!

So, today has been… tough, exhausting, boring, emotional. I’m glad it’s almost over and tomorrow is a new day. In my wisdom, I had decided that even though Tink has shown no interest whatsoever in toileting, using a potty or

Come and Join Me!

As if I don’t already have enough in my life, I have now set up a blog page over on Facebook:  Here I am! Come and join me for more of an insight into the life of Tink!

Girls With Autism

I got round to watching the documentary that was on ITV last week, (hidden fairly late in the schedule) ‘Girls With Autism’. Wow. That was probably the most emotional hour of telly I’ve seen in a good while (and this

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