I haven’t blogged on here for a little while. This would be because a) I probably didn’t have anything blog-worthy to say that would make a decent-length post and, b) I’m too bloody tired. I’ve been tired before. I’m a

And so it begins…

I work from home on a Thursday, so I get to take the munchkins to school. Yesterday, there was a note in Tink’s home communication book saying that she had been upset at ‘Family Time’, and could whoever drops her

First Day

So today was the day. Tink’s first morning at nursery school. I have been feeling more apprehensive this week, especially as she had some tears at her (third) taster session on Tuesday.  She has been so adaptable to new experiences

Eating Out

We went out for breakfast yesterday, en masse.  Two children, one almost-adult and us.  This happens, albeit rarely these days.  For one: it’s bloody expensive eating out as a family and two: Tink. When she was a baby, she was

A Whole New Ball Game…

So, September has arrived, and, with it, a sense of ‘new beginnings’. A friend wrote on Facebook that September ‘is the new January’, and it really does feel like that this year. Not least because Tink is about to embark

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