To the little girl at the playground

My daughter and I came to play this afternoon. We were killing time before we had to pick up her big brother from school.

You were already there with your Grandma. You were running around and playing on the slide when we walked through the gate.

As soon as you saw my daughter, you ran over and said, “hello!”. Tink said, “hello” back. “What’s your name?” you asked her. As usual, she didn’t reply and, instead, ran off to play.

And you followed her. You didn’t give up, as so many children do when they get no response from Tink. I can’t blame them. To them, she must seem rude.

But you? You persevered. And, gradually, Tink responded. She giggled when you giggled. She copied you as you slid down the slide. She followed you as you said, “come on!” and ran to the top of the climbing frame.

And, all of a sudden, Tink was playing with you. She was making suggestions about what you could do together. “Let’s go down the slide….Wheeeeeee!”

You ran together up, down and around the equipment. You took turns to spin each other in the spinning cup. You made each other laugh.

And you made me cry.

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I cried happy tears as I watched my little girl actually interacting – playing – with a stranger, like it was something she does every day, has always done.

So, thank you, little girl. Thank you for not giving up on my daughter and for giving me a moment I’ll never forget.

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To The Little Girl At The Playground
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