I have been tagged by the lovely Autism Cuppa to answer 10 questions about blogging and about me. Here goes…

  1. Why do you blog? I blog in an attempt to get things off my chest. I blog about Autism specifically to raise awareness and to share with friends and family the highs and lows of having a child on the spectrum.
  2. What was the name of first blog you ever read and what was it about? Or it can be the first blog you remember reading! Gosh, I’m not sure I can remember! It would have been about 12 years ago I guess, around the time I started blogging myself (about crafting back then, before life got too complicated!) It was probably another cardmaking/scrapping blog, but I can’t be more specific.
  3. With autism in your life, how do you make time to blog? With difficulty, hence the rather sporadic posts! I usually manage to write a post whilst simultaneously cooking the dinner and supervising the munchkins- multitasking at its finest!
  4. What do you do, in real life, that has nothing to do with blogging or autism? I work as a play worker with children aged 2-4 and as a lunchtime supervisor with older children.  I like photography, reading and binge-watching series on Netflix and similar!
  5. Ice cream sundae or milk shake? Love milk, hate milkshake, so, sundae please!
  6.  When was the last time you asked your mother for advice and what did she tell you? I don’t remember specifically asking for advice, but I often talk to her (and my dad) about some dilemma or other that I’m facing and wait to see what they say! And whatever they say is usually wise and useful and I am very thankful to have their input.
  7. If you could spend a whole day any way you wanted, what would you do? Wow, so many things I could put here! Sleeping… reading in peace… watching The Walking Dead from start to present… but actually, I know if I had the opportunity to do those things, I’d just end up thinking about the kids and wishing I was with them instead, so I think I’ll have to go with a day at the beach with my family!
  8. For a vacation…the beach or the mountains? For the scenery and photo ops, the mountains, but as hinted in question 7, the kids love the beach, so…
  9. When was the last time you “slept in?” Pahahahahaaaaa!!!
  10. Do you think  you are a better person now than you were ten years ago? Better? I don’t know. Different? Most definitely! 10 years ago I had no children of my own and was still quite self-centred I suppose, so in that sense, then yes, I am a better person. Having a child with a disability has definitely made me more accepting and less judgmental of others, and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

So, now I’m supposed to choose 7 bloggers to tag. However, I’m not sure I know of seven that haven’t already done it or been tagged! So, I’m going to break the rules (below) and just suggest you have a go yourself if you haven’t already been tagged!

Here are the rules:

Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to their blog
Answer the 10 questions given to you
Nominate seven bloggers for the award
Write 10 questions for your nominees to answer
Display the award on your blog or post

And here are your ten questions. Take your time answering…there’s no rush!

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What are your hobbies or favourite pastimes?
  3. Do you have a party trick? If so, what?
  4. When did you last do something for you?
  5. What do you find difficult?
  6. Sweet or savoury?
  7. What was the last song you sang along to?
  8. What’s your favourite time of day?
  9. Favourite actor/actress?
  10. Tell me something interesting about you!
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