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I’ve been tagged by fellow new blogger Whoa Mummy to answer 10 questions to help you get to know me better.  I find these tricky, as I am a very indecisive person who struggles to give just one answer if a question is more open-ended! However, here goes…


  1. Middle name? Yes, and it’s Ann. It’s also my mum’s middle name. I used to try to be exotic and hyphenate it with my first name when I was at school, and again when I first got married and noticed my first and surnames together sounded a bit twee, but then I realised it sounded pretentious and I felt a bit of a tit so I stopped. Now it’s just hidden in the middle again…
  2. If you were an animal, what would you be? See, this is one of those questions. I love animals. I’ve owned the usual pets: rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, but I don’t think I’d want to be one – they don’t really do much, do they?  I think I’d like to be a big cat – a cheetah maybe. I always used to be Cheetara from Thundercats when we were small and role played it. That would be pretty cool, strutting about the savannah, quick run, catch some dinner… get shot by rich twats with big guns… Hmmm, maybe not.
  3. What is the last book you read? I love to read. I read a lot. I read every night in bed, (for about 5 minutes before I nod off and my kindle hits me in the face), so the book I’m reading now is ‘Big Little Lies’ by Liane Moriarty. I love her books. I am also in the middle of ‘Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew’ by Ellen Notbohm, as I am still trying to get my head around Tink’s diagnosis. However, technically, the last book I read – actually finished, was ‘Evil Games’ by Angela Marsons – a police procedural (my favourite genre) set in the Black Country, which is fun as I can read it in my head with a passable yam-yam accent.
  4. Name 3 guests, dead or alive, you’d love to have over for a dinner party and why? This is a hard one. Mainly as the though of me actually having a dinner party is laughable.  However, I think I would invite: my grandparents. All three of them who have passed away. I’d love to have the chance to sit and talk with them, especially my Nan, who died when I was young and I never really got to know her. And my Grandads would have some great stories to tell, I know. It’s a bit of a cheat, probably, but I’m not bothered about famous people – I’d probably just be star-struck and wouldn’t have a clue what to say anyway. No, I’d rather hear real stories from real people who mean something to me. And one day soon I’ll have my remaining Nan round for dinner and have another chat about the past with her, before it’s too late.
  5. Best piece of advice to a new mummy? This is another one I could give several answers to, having had two children of my own.  However, I think ‘trust your gut’ is probably the best. It’s one I’m not good at following much of the time though! If it feels right, it probably is. If it feels wrong, it probably is. You know your child better than anyone, so trust your instinct.  I lack self-confidence, and it’s meant I haven’t trusted myself on occasion, and it’s backfired. I’m getting better at it, especially now.  Most useless piece of advice? ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’. Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!
  6. What’s the Best Gift You Ever Received? I’ve had lots of lovely gifts over the years, but I think the best would have to be our wedding, from my parents.  I don’t know if I’ve ever properly thanked them for all they did/paid for ten years ago (I hope I did on the day? I can’t remember, it’s a bit of a blur!), but they allowed Dave and I to have the wedding we dreamed of but had no hope of ever doing by ourselves. I think we’d still have been ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ into our old age otherwise!  So, Mom and Dad, thank you.
  7. Shoes or Handbags? Oooh, tricky! I have lots of both! I don’t wear or use most of them! Especially shoes with heels and handbags that don’t fit half my house in. If I’m pushed, I’d go with handbags.
  8. Favourite TV Show? Argh, another one I could list millions of! I watch waaaay too much TV. It’s my hobby. Along with eating. Preferably at the same time. I love lots: The Good Wife, Scandal, Dexter, Luther, The Blacklist, most detective-type things, Nordic/Scandi dramas, British dramas, pretty much anything with Sheridan Smith or Sarah Lancashire, NOT soaps, frippery such as Glee (which has finished, sob!), and Strictly Come Dancing. However, you’re going to make me choose just one, so I think I’ll have to say Game of Thrones. Love it.
  9. If you could have super power, what would you choose? If I could have a real superpower, it would be ‘healing’, so I could make sick children better. Cure cancer. End disease. However, if it has to be a comic book superpower, I think I would like to read minds. Or maybe that would be too scary?!
  10. Food you couldn’t live without? I love food. I think I might have mentioned that already. I love eating. I’m not skinny.  I’m not sure I can choose just one.  I’m trying to imagine being told “you can never eat this again” about various foods to see how I feel, but I think I’d manage. I can’t eat bananas any more, and I used to eat at least one a day – I manage. I have recently had to stop eating cheese, and, thus, things like pizza, lasagne, cheese on toast – all favourites, but, I manage (just!).  However, if it comes down to it, I’d probably miss chocolate the most. Predictable, but true. I eat some most days. I can go a little while without, but forever? Nah.

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Your ten questions are…

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Go, go GO!

Kelly is a mother of two – her son H and daughter Tink. H is home educated, Tink is autistic. Kelly is a self-employed Virtual Assistant… Life is busy!

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