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This month we’ve been playing with our #BostikBloggers craft box, which has an Easter theme. Here, I’ve come up with five easy Easter crafts to make with your little ones to celebrate this Easter!


5 Easy Easter Crafts to make with your little ones this spring! #BostikBloggers #craftforkids


Simple Daffodil



This daffodil is super-easy to make – you could make lots for your very own host of golden daffodils! You will need:

Yellow card, or white card painted yellow

Green straw

Egg carton painted orange

Button, or split pin if you want your flower to spin

Glue Dots

Tape Discs



Cut a square from the yellow card, then draw towards the centre from each corner, stopping short of the centre. Cut down each line. Then fold the points in to the centre, securing with a glue dot each time.



Glue the egg carton to the centre and push in a button for the centre, or push through a split pin if you want your flower to spin around. Use a Tape Disc to secure the straw to the back of the daffodil.



Mini Easter Canvases



These cute, tiny canvases are simple to make and a lovely way for the little ones to get creative. You will need:

Mini canvases (I picked these up at the pound shop!)

Pastel-coloured paints

Easter-themed stickers



Stick a sticker to each canvas. Paint! See? I told you it was simple! Make sure the paint covers the sticker.



Leave to dry, but before the paint is totally dry, the sticker needs to be removed. Try to do this carefully, and use a cotton bud to clean up any paint bleed if you want.


Jar of Eggs



This is a nice way to gift some chocolate eggs to someone – and takes no time to do! You will need:

Glass jar

Easter-themed stickers

Shredded paper

Chocolate eggs


Simply decorate the jar with the stickers, and add the shredded paper inside the bottom of the jar for the eggs to sit on. You could also add little chicks or rabbits if you like!


Lolly-stick Chicks


This cute little chick is easy enough for even little ones to make, with a little help with the cutting out. You will need:

Yellow wooden lolly sticks (3 per chick)

Yellow-based patterned paper

Yellow and orange card

Felt pens

Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen


First, lay two lolly sticks in a triangle shape on the patterned paper, and mark the outer edges. Cut out the triangle.



Glue the lolly sticks to the edge of the paper, and glue a third along the bottom, on top of the others.



Draw round your little one’s hands on the yellow card. (You could also use yellow paint and make hand prints). Cut out and glue to the back of the patterned paper. Cut out a small circle for the head, and little orange legs and glue on to the lolly sticks. Draw on eyes and a beak!



Easter Egg Hunt Bag


This cute little canvas bag can be decorated with Easter themes to make a lovely bag for collecting the spoils of the egg hunt! You will need:


Small, plain canvas bag

Easter-themed template – I used a foam tulip

Fabric paint (I only had green!)

Tool for ‘dotting’ the paint – I used the rubber on the end of a pencil!

Scrap card



Place the scrap card inside the bag to stop the paint going through the fabric to the other side. Put the template shape onto the bag (you could secure with some tape, or just hold it down tightly!). Dip the dotting tool into the paint and dot all around the edge of the shape. Build up a couple of layers. When you’re happy, remove the shape carefully. Allow to dry and repeat on the other side.



These easy Easter crafts are fun to do and really give your little ones a chance to be creative; Tink was very proud of her painting!



See more painting (and its edible!) here!


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post for #BostikBloggers – we were gifted a box of craft materials to see what we could create!


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