A Letter to My Daughter As You Start School

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To My Darling Girl

Your uniform is washed, ironed and labelled, your PE bag packed and your new school shoes are shiny and ready to go. You are about to embark on your biggest adventure yet: you are starting school.


But, unlike your big brother, you’re not going to the local mainstream infant school to join your Nursery friends in Reception class. No, your adventure is even bigger than that. You are going to a school for children who, like you, have some different needs that cannot be met in a mainstream school. Only, your school is quite some distance away, which means you will be travelling there by minibus, and without me.



You’re so excited! You have no idea of what to expect yet. No preconceptions, no reservations and for that, I’m grateful. It makes this transition from your nurturing, familiar Nursery to this unknown, unfamiliar school that bit easier for you. How I wish I were like you! I’m excited for you, of course. But I’m not sure I’m ready for this transition! Perhaps we should have made a countdown chart for me instead of you? I’m nervous about putting you on the bus with strangers; I’m worried about how you will cope with the long days and travelling and I’m scared you’ll wonder what on earth is going on.


But, you’ll never know all this, my brave, beautiful girl. 


All you will know is that I am so excited that you are going to try new things, make new friends and, hopefully, learn some stuff along the way! I hope you have the best time! In the right setting, your school years could be the best years of your life. I really hope we’ve chosen the right setting. I think we have, but time will tell.


So, my sweetheart, it’s time to fly off on your new journey. I won’t lie, I have a huge lump in my throat as I write this, and tears in my eyes. But, they’re tears of hope, because I just know, deep down, that this is the start of something brilliant!


And I’m with you, every step of the way.


All my love, my darling


Mommy xxx


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The best thing we did was get our son into his SEN school. They do some amazing work and interesting lessons. He loves it.


You made me cry!! A beautifully written piece about a beautiful girl who has achieved so much. Good luck Tink you will be amazing I’m sure especially as you have your loving family for support. Lots of love xxx