Autumn Painting Activity for the Early Years

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Whilst out on a walk in the woods recently, we began collecting items from the ground to use to talk about autumn; we picked up some acorns, some oak leaves, spiky conker cases and lots of pine cones. Then I spotted some small pine branches that had fallen off the trees and I thought they’d make brilliant paint brushes for an autumn painting activity for the early years!


Autumn Painting Activity for the Early Years - use nature's materials for creative activities!


Autumn Painting Activity for the Early Years

You will need:

  • ‘Brushes’ – we used fallen pine branches
  • Paints – we used red and yellow and mixed them to add orange
  • Paper



Then all you need to do is… create!



Small enjoyed swishing the pine needles around in the paint, making marks in it before transferring it to the paper.



Small likes to paint ‘rainybows’ at the moment, so the pine needles were a great tool for this.



Let your little one’s creativity loose and see what they come up with!



Learning Opportunities for the Early Years



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