Busy Mum Beauty- Look Great, Feel Better!

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When you have children, you’re no longer the number one concern in your life. While you might still be focused on your health (which is incredibly important!) your appearance is probably way down the priority list. As a busy mum, it’s understandable that you won’t be looking your best every day but there’s no need to give up completely. The way you look has a huge affect on the way you feel, and spending a few minutes making a bit of an effort can really make a difference. Here are some of the ways you can go about it.



Master a five minute makeup routine

Being a busy mum often means a distinct lack of sleep, and this can show in the face with dark circles and puffy eyes. It only takes a few seconds to apply a touch of concealer, and then a swipe of mascara which will make your eyes look bigger and more awake. A light foundation will even out your skin, and some bronzer or blusher will add a healthy glow. It needn’t take more than a few minutes but it can make you look fresher, more youthful, less tired and generally make you feel a lot better about yourself.


Have your hair cut and coloured so it’s low maintenance

We all know how great we feel after we’ve been to the hairdresser, and how much a good hair day can impact the way we feel overall. One of the best things to do is to work with your natural hair texture. If it’s straight, one or two swipes over with the straightners will make it look glossy and get rid of any kinks. If it’s curly or wavy, scrunch in some mousse. Trying to go against your hair type will mean lots of time and heat styling. Have the hairdresser give you a cut and colour that suits you and is easy to maintain. This could mean a few highlights that will grow out nicely and won’t require you to dash back to the salon every few weeks because your roots are horrendous. It could mean cutting to a length that makes it easy for you to style, or wear the way that you like.


Look after your teeth

Good teeth will never go out of style, and nice gnashers are a huge confidence booster. Dentist like Jiva Dental will offer everything you need in one place- whether you need a simple whitening treatment or removal to fix overcrowding along with braces or teeth implants. Go along to a dentist and see what they recommend to get your smile looking its best.


Find comfortable yet stylish clothes

When you’re tired and busy all day, clothes that are comfortable are important. But you don’t need to wear sloppy pyjamas or loungewear, or sportswear to achieve this. Simple tops or tshirts that have some stretch to them with some leggings or jeggings can look cute with a jacket or cardigan and you won’t feel restricted. Team up with some ballet flats or flat boots instead of sneakers for a more put together look.


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