Why I'm boycotting John Lewis this Christmas

Sorry Moz – Why I am boycotting John Lewis this Christmas

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7 million pounds. £7,000,000. £7 million.  However you want to write it, it’s a helluva lot of money. Here are seven things you can buy with 7 million quid…


  • 7 seven-bedroom houses in Cornwall, or
  • 7 two-bed luxury apartments in London
  • 7 chateaux in the Dordogne, France



  • A couple of Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand sport vitesse La finale cars, currently the most expensive luxury car in the world
  • A trip around the world, taking in all 7 continents – 14 times, with spending money
  • 7 Chopard Super Ice Cube watches
  • A John Lewis Christmas advert.


Yep, that’s right. For the cost of seven French castles, you can advertise the fact it’s almost Christmas for a few weeks on the telly. Which we know already – it’s not like we can avoid it.


Seven million pounds. That’s an incredible amount of money. To encourage people who are already struggling financially to part with their hard-earned cash and give it to a company that will happily then spend it on shmaltzy adverts.


Sorry, John Lewis, Moz the monster is very cute, and I know you’ve built up the hype by releasing increasingly twee adverts at this time each year, but I think now it has to stop. I’m really quite disgusted that companies like this don’t bat an eyelid at spending this kind of money like this!


Here are seven things £7 million could be spent on…



So, is it time we boycotted John Lewis, as well as the other companies who big-up their advertising campaigns at this time of year? Last Christmas, it was reported that more than 120,000 children were homeless. Just think how the £7 million John Lewis have thrown at their TV ad could have benefitted those children instead.


Yes, I buy my kids Santa delivers presents to my kids. But, we also like to give, as well as receive. Last year I bought a homeless person a night at a shelter including a hot Christmas dinner. This year I’m planning to do a ‘reverse advent calendar‘ with the children, where we donate an item to a food bank each day.



Next year, I would love John Lewis to put up an advert like this:


and donate the rest of their advertising budget to charities who could really benefit instead.


I’m not trying to ruin the magic of Christmas, but I do think it’s time we stopped being taken in by the big companies and, instead, turn our attention to those in greater need.


Sorry, Moz, but you’re a big, furry waste of money, and I’m feeling quite ranty about it!


Are you with me?


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You make excellent and thought-provoking points. Tweet Guy Garvey and see what he has to say! #thesatsesh xx

#thesatsesh I love the passion that you had through this post, I also hadn’t heard this absurd amount of money. I haven’t seen the advert (we don’t tend to watch TV that often) , but I’m hoping Moz is gold plated?
Thanks for joining us at #thesatsesh its fab to have you on board and I really like your unique writing style,

I’m with you! 7 million is an obscene amount to spend on something which is only around for a few weeks! It could be spent somewhere else and make a difference. x

I love your advert! I don’t shop anywhere based on their Christmas advert. I do shop at places which welcome my disabled son though. Changing Places toilets matter!

Yes! Love this! Wouldn’t it be amazing that instead of trying to outdo each with cheesy Christmas adverts, companies tried to see who could make the biggest positive difference?

It’s a horrific amount of money to spend on such a frivolous thing… absolutely agree with you! 🙁

Haha love your ad, that is MUCH better. They should pay you 😉 To be fair, it is all the big companies, not just John Lewis, who spend this kind of money when it could be put to better use. I’m sure they do all support charities too, but I’d be more impressed if they agreed to install some Changing Places toilets instead or running an expensive ad next year. Because they want to, not because an equality law has made them.


I feel the same about the M and S Christmas ad this year. All I could think of was “how much did this cost then”