Come Fly With Me – 3 Craft Activities to Make!

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This month, our #BostikBloggers box arrived and it took me a few minutes to work out that it had something of a flying theme! So, H and I put our thinking caps on, and came up with three craft activities based on things that fly!


3 crafts all about flying for kids to try! #BostikBloggers #craftsforkids


Pecking Bird

You will need:

Plain card

Yellow paper

Googly eyes

Decorations, such as doilies, feathers, glitter

PVA glue



Draw round a circular object, such as this cake tub lid. Cut out, and score, then fold down the centre of the circle.



Cut a square from yellow paper and fold along the diagonal. This is your bird’s beak, so glue it to the reverse of your circle. I used Micro Dots. Cut out a rectangle from the yellow paper and cut out a triangle shape from one end. This will be the tail. Glue to the reverse of the circle, on the opposite side to the beak.



Decorate your bird! I used glitter on the body, and used googly eyes on foam circles for the eyes. I stuck on a feather for its wings. Fold and you’re done!



Hot Air Balloon


You will need:

Paper plate

Patterned or differently-coloured paper – scraps are perfect for this

A cup for the basket


PVA glue




Cut your patterned paper into random shapes, then glue all over the paper plate. Trim around the edges.



Make holes in the cup and tie the string through. Use sellotape to stick the string to each side of the paper plate, and then again at the top. Tie a loop at the top.



Add a figure in the basket, and off you fly!



Alien Spaceship


H wanted to make an alien spaceship… here’s what you’ll need:


2 paper plates


Clear plastic cup or similar

Glitter and decorations are optional


PVA Glue



Paint and decorate the paper plates. Keep in mind that one is for the top and the other for the bottom of your spaceship.


Glue on the plastic cup to the top plate. (H added a pompom and an eye, just because…)



Make 4 holes in the bottom plate and attach four partially-inflated balloons. These are the ‘jet thrusters’, apparently.


Glue the two plates together!



We hope you like our flying crafts! Did you see what we made for Easter?


Disclosure: this is a collaborative post for #BositkBloggers; we were gifted a box of craft materials to see what we could make!



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