The Truth About DIY – A Few Things I’ve Discovered This Week

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We’ve recently had a new kitchen fitted, and not before time. I say ‘new’, but it actually belonged to my hairdresser, who is having a new extension and obviously took pity on the sorry state of mine and offered us her good-as-new units. Our previous cupboards lost their doors years ago, and we had only a tiny bit of worktop which was always cluttered as storage space was seriously lacking. We didn’t even have drawers!

Our old units – minus doors! And proof that I’m the DIY Queen in our house

Now, we have plenty of cupboards – with the added bonus of doors – and we have quite a few drawers! We’ve also acquired a fridge and a dishwasher, which is a luxury to us as we’ve never had one before (a dishwasher, that is – we’ve always had a fridge, we’re not that primitive!). We also have oodles of worktop and I am loving the more minimalist look to my kitchen now that everything has a place to live and is hidden away.

DIY Truths kitchen units and worktop

None of this existed before! I love having all these cupboards and drawers!

We’ve also never decorated our kitchen. Unless you count the time The Hubby (who is not DIY inclined) took it upon himself to use up the leftover deep blue paint we’d used in Big’s bedroom to paint half the room. Badly. (Seriously? Deep blue? In a kitchen?!) So, I have, in the great British tradition that is May Bank Holiday, taken it upon myself to tackle the decorating myself. I like DIY – I’m in heaven after a trip to Ikea for new flatpack furniture, but, apparently, I’m almost as bad as The Hubby at decorating. I now know why people pay professionals to do this sort of thing. Plus, it’s really boring!

Several truths about DIY struck me as I have been rollering my way around the walls…

  • No matter how carefully you cover everything, and how carefully you tape edges, there will always be some paint that gets where it shouldn’t be. You probably won’t find it for weeks either, when it’s too late to do anything about it.
  • Spray-painting the radiator seems like a brilliant time-saving idea. That is until you see just how far aerosol paint can spread, and realise you’ve given your entire floor a thin coat too. You will only realise this as you walk on it and wonder why your feet are sticking…
  • The colour of the large tin of paint will rarely match that of the tester pot.
  • Surely someone has coined the phrase “money well spent on brushes is time less wasted picking bristles out of your freshly-painted walls”? Or something. And if they have, it needs a better social media campaign to get it known. #BuyBetterBrushes
  • The smell of white spirit is really potent, especially when you’ve had to scrub your floor with it (see point 2 above).
  • Unless you’re going for the ‘white highlights’ look, cover your head when painting ceilings.
  • Ikea instructions are generally pretty accurate; don’t get all cocky and try to wing it part-way through. You’ll only end up with fittings you shouldn’t have spare, meaning you’ll have to dismantle and start again.

I’m only part-way through my decorating adventure. I’m going to be let loose with the Polyfilla next. Are there any ‘truths’ that you’ve discovered about DIY? I’d love to hear them!

Looking so much better already! Now, to get rid of that awful blue…

Kelly is a mother of two – her son H and daughter Tink. H is home educated, Tink is autistic. Kelly is a self-employed Virtual Assistant… Life is busy!

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