Ooh la la! Celebrate La Tour de France with these French crafts! #BostikBloggers

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This month, our craft box from CraftMerrily for the #BostikBloggers encouraged us to celebrate Le Tour de France, by making crafts related to France or cycling. We chose to make two French crafts inspired by the Tricolore.



We decided to make a simple ‘Tricolore’ flag, and a red, white and blue beaded bracelet with a flash of yellow to represent the Yellow Vest in Le Tour!


Tricolore Flag


You will need:

Card, cut into a triangular flag shape, with holes at the top and bottom of the short edge.

Red, white and blue card

Wooden skewer, long straw or similar


Pencil, scissors



Lay the blue, white and red card (in that order!) on a flat surface and place the flag shape on top, making sure there is an equal amount of each colour. Draw around the flag.



Cut out each section.



Using a glue pen, glue each coloured section into place on the flag cut-out. Make holes in the top and bottom of the blue section.



Thread the wooden skewer or straw through the holes.



Tour de France Bracelet


Make this cute, beaded bracelet with a flash of yellow to celebrate Le Tour this summer!


You will need: 


Yellow pipe cleaners

Tricolore beads, or blue, white and red individual beads

Silver or gold spacer beads



Simply thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners in a repeating sequence. Leave a little gap in between some of the beads so that the yellow shows through.



When you have enough beads to fit around the wrist, twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together (you can snip any excess length off) – make sure you don’t have any wire poking out.



Both of these French crafts are easy for the kids to try, so why not get them excited about Le Tour this summer?



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Disclosure: we received a box of craft goodies from CraftMerrily so that we could make these French crafts, as part of the #BostikBloggers campaign.




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