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Do Gel Nails at Home with the Reveal Nails Travel Gift Set – Review

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I’ve always loved painting my nails, but I’ve only ever had them done in a salon twice – before my wedding and once after. It was nice to feel pampered, but it was expensive and I certainly don’t have that kind of money to spend on myself these days, let alone the time to sit whiling away in a salon. I’d love to do gel nails at home instead.

Vicky, a busy mum of two was in the same situation. She preferred to do her own gel nails at home at a time that suited her, but wasn’t impressed with the quality of non-salon gel polishes available so began to source some for herself… and Reveal Nails happened!

Reveal Nails supply great, salon-quality, long-lasting gel polishes in an amazing array of colours. There are also holographic and mirror powders, accessories such as LED lamps and fab gift and travel sets. Plus, the website stocks Vivien Kondor makeup – the only nail varnish brand regsitered as Halal in the UK, as well as vegan lipstick and gorgeous eyeshadows.

Vicky offered me the chance to try out one of the travel kits and, as a home-gel-nails virgin, I was keen to give it ago!

Do Gel Nails at Home – Travel Gift Set by Reveal Nails


reveal nails gel nails at home travel set gel polishes LED lamp


The travel set contains:

  • Reveal Base Coat
  • Reveal Top Coat
  • One Reveal colour gel polish
  • Tweexy Nail Polish Holder
  • LED Flashlight Lamp



When ordering the set, you are able to choose not only the colour of the polish, but also the colours of the lamp and the Tweexy polish holder, meaning you can really make it a bespoke gift.

Now, I’m always honest when I review stuff, so I’ll admit, it took me three attempts to get nails I was happy with. As I mentioned before, although I’ve been painting my own nails for years, I’ve never done the gel thing with lamps and everything. It took some getting used to! My first two attempts were rubbish and started to peel off almost straight away. I knew that it was more likely to be a user error than a product fault, so I persevered and I finally worked out where I was going wrong. By the third attempt, I finally had a finish that not only looked pretty good, but stayed on! Hurray!

The base coat is a bit like superglue, in both smell and consistency. This is good, though, as it means the subsequent coats will stick.



Each layer needs to be cured using the LED lamp before adding the next. I found the small flashlight lamp provided with the kit somewhat impractical for doing an entire set of nails from scratch as it takes forever to cure each nail individually! However, it would be great for touch-ups while on holiday for example (and it is a travel kit, after all!) I would recommend a full-size LED lamp to cut down on the time it takes to do a full set of nails.



I chose a lovely taupe for my gel colour and I applied this once the base coat was cured. I found I’d been applying too thick a layer at first, which is easy to do as the polish is thick on the brush. I found wiping most of it off the brush as it comes out of the bottle helped to get the thin layer I needed. I cured this, then applied a second thin layer and cured once more.

The travel kit comes with a brilliant little invention called a ‘Tweexy’; it’s a holder for the polish bottle which fits on your fingers and means it stays upright without the need to put it on a flat surface if there’s none available.



Then it was time to apply the top coat. Again, I’d been a bit careless the first couple of times and just slapped it on thick – big mistake! This layer needs careful application so that it doesn’t touch the skin, as this will break the seal and the polish won’t last. The top coat, unlike some on the market, doesn’t have a tacky finish that needs wiping.

A final cure, and I was all done!


Excuse the dry hands – that’s the next thing I need to work on! Not bad for an utter amateur!


I was pretty impressed with the end result considering I’m not at all experienced at this! I think I’d probably put one more thin coat of colour on next time. I love the smooth, shiny finish, with no bubbles or brush marks and it doesn’t dull like an ordinary polish. Yay! I can finally do gel nails at home!



A few days on and there’s not a chip in sight and they still look as good as they did the day I did them. I haven’t tried removing them the proper way yet (there are instructions on the website, although they’re a bit hard to find – check out the FAQs section where you’ll also find application videos) but it is soak-off polish.

Now I’ve got the hang of it, I’ll be going back to order more colours for sure.

The Reveal Nails Travel Gift Set #1 is available here, priced at £32.00 (price correct 9th September 2017). Single gel polishes are priced at a very bargainous £6.99 and the base and top coats are £7.50.



Disclosure: I was sent a Reveal Nails Travel Gift Set to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!



Kelly is a mother of two – her son H and daughter Tink. H is home educated, Tink is autistic. Kelly is a self-employed Virtual Assistant… Life is busy!

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