Mud & Bloom subscription box review

Mud & Bloom Subscription Box Review

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My kids love being outdoors. Tink in particular. She visibly changes when she’s out in the open, free to run around, jump in puddles, squelch in mud. H is a little more reserved, but I can tell that he feels the benefit of the fresh air, sunshine (if there is any!) and exercise. For us, a very tied-to-tech family, getting outside from time to time means valuable time away from screens, and I try to encourage it as often as I can. That’s why I was really keen to try out the gorgeous-looking Mud & Bloom subscription box.


Mud & Bloom Subscription Box – what is it?


Mud & Bloom want to encourage children to re-connect with the outdoors and find the joys in nature. The idea is simple: each month, a box is sent to you, containing resources and idea cards. There will be two seasonal activities in each box; one a gardening activity and one a nature-based craft activity.



There are also beautifully-illustrated cards with quizzes, information and games to encourage children to learn more about the natural world around them.


Mud & Bloom subscription box contents


We have received a couple of boxes now, and they’re lovely! They fit through the letterbox too, so there’s no parcel-chasing if you’re not in when it arrives.


The activities in the boxes have been devised by qualified teachers, with the national curriculum in mind, and borrowing ideas from forest school teaching, as well as Steiner and Montessori practice.



Materials are provided, but where getting outside comes in is very clever; you’ll need to get out and find the odd additional item here and there. For example, to make this cute twig boat, you are given the fabric, glue and thread, but you’ll need to go and hunt for twigs!



February’s box included some beautiful, bright acrylic paint and a brush to paint rocks – a growing hobby lately – but you’ll need to find your own smooth pebbles to paint.


I love the cards which encourage children to learn more about their natural environment (and I have even learnt a thing or two!).



We’ve had fun this half term with February’s box! Even though the boxes are aimed at children aged 3-8 years, H was keen to try the rock painting. We’d been out to our local woods a few months ago and found a couple of rocks that had been decorated and hidden by others, so he wanted to make some of his own to hide.



Tink was keen to grow her own tomatoes (goodness knows why – she won’t eat them, but I’m not going to stop her if she wants to try!).



I think she was expecting to see instant shoots, bless her! We’ve planted the tomato seeds and the basil seeds and followed the instructions as to where to leave them, so we’re crossing our fingers that they’ll start to grow. Once they are ready, we can transfer them to larger pots and grow them outside.



We still have our seeds from the January box, and as these are sprouting seeds, these should give quicker results, which is more satisfying for a child with limited patience!


Mud & Bloom Subscription Box – the verdict


We think the Mud & Bloom subscription box is a lovely idea and a fantastic way to encourage young children out into their gardens and begin to learn more about the natural world around them. They would make a great gift, and are a perfect resource for home education to encourage understanding of science and nature.


You can order your Mud & Bloom subscription box here; there is no minimum obligation, but they’re so lovely, you’ll keep wanting them to pop through your letterbox! If you’d like a 50% discount on your first order, use the code ‘SCHOOLRUN50‘.


Mud & Bloom subscription box - read our review of this gorgeous little box packed with goodies to encourage your kids to get out into nature and learn more about the world around us! #nature #homeducation #scienceandnature


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