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I’m not keen on this time of year. The weather can be dismal, which makes me feel like cocooning in my duvet and not leaving the house. The kids are full of germs, kindly shared with them by classmates. Of course, they very generously then share them with me! For all my good intentions, my diet isn’t the best; I’m really good at buying lovely, colourful fruit and veg, then watching as it languishes in the salad drawers in the fridge, slowly rotting to its demise. I just don’t want to eat lots of salad at this time of year, I want stodge, and plenty of it. One way I try to combat the lack of nutrients during the winter months is by taking multivitamins and supplements. You know, just in case all the chocolate digestives don’t have enough goodness in… I have also been looking into the health benefits of honey, and bought a jar of delicious, very local honey at a school fayre. I haven’t opened it yet. Apart from adding it to lemon and hot water when I have a cold, I’m never quite sure what to do with it!

So, when I was offered a sample of products from Honibe, I jumped at the chance to try them. Honibe (pronounced Honey-bee, geddit?) have very cleverly found a way to harness all the goodness of honey, but in dried form, making it dead easy to take. They have come up with a range of chewable multivitamins and one-a-day honey lozenges to give you that little boost of honey goodness.

What are they?

The lozenges come in blister packs of ten. There is a range of different flavours: honey, lemon and cherry. Each also contains menthol and eucalyptus. There is also a citrus flavoured ‘immune support’ lozenge which contains Vitamin C and zinc.

Honibe honey lozenges blister pack

The honey gummies come in a plastic bottle containing 60 gummies – enough for two months. We reviewed the Children’s gummies which are fruit-flavoured and contain a range of vitamins as well as folic acid, thiamine and biotin. Honibe also make multivitamin gummies for adults as well as prenatal support.

Honibe honey multivitamins for kids

What do they taste like?

The lozenges are similar to throat lozenges, thanks mainly to the menthol and eucalyptus. However, unlike most other lozenges on the market, these contain 99% honey and no artificial colours or flavours. The fruit flavour is pleasant and there’s a hint of honey, which is nice. However, the medicinal flavour certainly gives you the feeling that they’re doing you some good!

The gummy multivitamins are tasty! There are three different flavours; orange, fruit punch and berry. The texture of the gummies is pleasant; they’re nice and soft and are easy to chew, making them suitable for younger children (although they are not advised for children under 4 years).

What did we think?

Big tried the children’s multivitamin gummies. He wasn’t too sure at first, as there’s a strange, vitamin/health food shop smell as the bottle is opened! Once he popped the gum in his mouth though, he was pleasantly surprised and said that it was nice and fruity. The multivitamins should be taken with food, so Big takes his after he’s eaten his breakfast in the morning.  I would definitely recommend these.

I have been taking one honey lozenge every day for a week or so as I felt I had a cold coming. I don’t mind the taste, but, like with throat lozenges, I have to think about whether I’m likely to eat or drink anything straight after that could be affected by the menthol taste! I can’t honestly say whether they are having any physical effect on my health, although my possible cold never did materialise. Perhaps the act of taking a supplement every day can have a positive mental effect and can make you feel more positive and energised if nothing else! It’s certainly an easy way to get a little boost of goodness each day.

Honibe range of honey lozenges blister packs

Where can you get them?

Honibe products are available via their website. The children’s multivitamins are priced at £14.99 for a 2 month supply. The honey lozenges are £1.99 for 10.

If you would like to try a 7-day sample of the children’s multivitamins (subject to availability), sign up here.

Disclosure: We were sent Honibe products for the purpose of this review, however, all views and opinions are my own.


Kelly is a mother of two – her son H and daughter Tink. H is home educated, Tink is autistic. Kelly is a self-employed Virtual Assistant… Life is busy!

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