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Smart Home System – Be smart with your home security this Christmas

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I don’t know about you, but one thing I worry about around Christmas time is the fact that my house is fairly stuffed full with expensive stuff: laptops, iPad and tablets, PC, TVs and the Xbox, as well as all the other gadgets, gizmos and toys that the kids have already, or have put on their Christmas list. It wouldn’t take a genius (and most burglars aren’t!) to work out that a family lives here and that at that time of year, it’s rich pickings. But, there is a way you can get a little peace of mind, especially if you’re out of the house for hours, or go on holiday over the festive season: Smart home system from Panasonic.



Wouldn’t it be fab to be able to connect up a couple of cameras with the touch of a button, and then be able to control them from an app on your phone?


Well, that’s exactly what you can do with the Smart home system! It’s perfect for parents who want to protect their children’s expensive tech gifts (as well as their own!).


The Smart home system is an easy-to-install monitoring system, with various elements which can be added to expand its uses; there are cameras, door sensors, and Smart Plugs to switch your devices on and off automatically – all controlled through an app on your phone.



One of the best features of the Smart home system is that it’s simple to install and operate, with no wiring through walls or complicated software to use. You simply install the ‘hub’, pair up your devices and use the app on your phone to control the system. The devices communicate using Ultra Low Energy (ULE) wireless which isn’t visible to your regular products, so won’t interfere with those.


Another fab feature is that there is no monthly subscription fee to pay, although there are optional accessories you can buy if you want to extend the service. There is a real pick ‘n’ mix of products in the range, or you can buy a complete kit if you prefer, which can also be added to if you want even more.


So what can the Smart home system do?


At its most basic (although it’s far from that really!), you can control your lighting by using ‘Smart Plugs’, which is great for those days when you’re caught on a delayed train from work but want to make it look like someone’s at home. Or perhaps you want music to play every now and then so it sounds as though someone is in.


The Smart home system can also be a whole-home security monitoring system; if you fit cameras and door sensors; an alert will sound via the app or via a siren in the house (if you buy it) and you can watch up to four connected cameras at once and even record footage remotely using the app.


Or, you can use the Smart home system as a pet monitoring system; there’s a door sensor so you know if your dog walker has entered the house; a camera so you can watch your pet while you’re at work and a Smart Plug so you can turn on a radio for company, or a fan to keep the temperature down on hot days. How useful is that?!



And you can even use it as a baby monitor! Simply fit a camera in baby’s room and you can watch via the app. You also receive audio and the room temperature can be monitored and set to alert you if it goes out of a pre-set range!


Just imagine the peace of mind you could have knowing that Dolly the Pug is comfortable and entertained while you’re at work! Or what if you were on holiday and wanted to check the cameras to make sure there’s nothing untoward? Or perhaps it’s the first time you’ve left the baby with the new sitter and you want to make sure all is well? No problem with the Smart home system cameras and smartphone app.


Smart home system - security monitoring system from Panasonic


It’s food for thought this festive season that homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled (via Police.UK) and the most popular dates for break-ins are the 17th and 18th December – right in the middle of party season, and when most of the presents have been bought. Don’t let your house be targeted this year! Consider investing in some easy-to-use security equipment so that you can have peace of mind over the holidays.



The Smart home system is available direct from Panasonic, or from other retailers including John Lewis and Maplin. Prices range from around £24.99 for a window sensor (although you will also need to buy a hub in order to use it) up to around £379.99 for a twin-camera home monitoring kit.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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