Toilet Talk with Family Seat, the toilet training seat!

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Let’s talk toilet training. What a load of fun that can be, huh? It’s one of those things that we know we have to tackle at some point, and we know it will be ok in the end, but it will probably get worse before it gets better!  We were late to the potty party this time around, with Small finally cracking it on her 5th birthday.

Now, please don’t think I’m one of those lazy parents. We did try with her when she was two, and again at three and a half-ish, but, because she’s autistic, it just wasn’t happening. It’s fairly common for children on the spectrum to develop continence at a later stage. And, when it did finally happen, it was on Small’s terms. She literally just stopped wearing nappies on her 5th birthday and has never had one accident – day or night – since that day (I’m touching all the wood here!!)!





I remember the excitement and sense of trepidation the first time we tried her. We’d had a couple of potties for a while so that she was used to them, but I bought a new, special toilet training seat for the bathroom. It was a steps-and-seat in one kind of thing, that folded up so it could be stored out of the way. Small seemed to be ok with it and it suited us at the time.

However, by the time she was five and actually able to use the toilet, she was a bit too big for the step seat. Or, rather, too heavy and heavy-handed! It quickly became wobbly and, eventually, began to fall apart on a regular basis! It was also a bit of a pain to keep clean, with lots of nooks and crannies to wipe. Nice.




I had a bit of an epiphany when I went to a friend’s house at the end of the school holidays and Small used the loo. She had an amazing toilet seat that was both an adult seat and a child-sized seat in one! It was perfect for Small; she could sit comfortably without sliding around and be more like the ‘big girl’ she is rather than using the now babyish seat. So, I did a bit of investigating and found Family Seat!

Family Seat is a clever invention; a toilet training seat ideal for children who are beginning their toileting journey, or those who are more experienced in the bathroom! It is both an adult seat and child seat in one, with the child seat fitting neatly inside the seat lid and held in place with magnets, allowing the adult seat to be used.


Toilet Training Seat Family Seat


Family Seat is available in the ‘Georgia’ – slightly more basic than the upgraded ‘Talia’, which has a soft-close lid. We’ve found this very handy, as Small likes to close the lid and it’s nice to not have it slammed down! Here are the need-to-know things about the Talia seat:

• Universal suitability capable of suiting all ages

• Complete Family seat with integrated child seat

• Environmentally Friendly Duroplast Construction

• 90% Biodegradable. 10% Recyclable

• Soft Close on all three sections of the seat



• Child seat held in lid until required

• Strong stable platform for children and adults.

• Suitable from 18 months

• Easy to fix to existing toilet

• Weight 3.75 kg

And, not only is it a well-made seat for a great price, but it has a 10-year guarantee too!


The seat also comes with potty training reward charts and door hangers to help make what can be a challenging time more fun for everyone. There is also advice about toilet training available on the website, including tips and tricks for training boys and girls (I can’t really help you there, seeing as Small did it all on her own!).



We’ve been loving our Talia Family Seat; it’s much more stable for Small, and she feels more like a ‘big girl’ now. It’s also much easier to clean for me than the step-seat we had!


The Family Seat is available direct from their website, priced at £39.99 for the Talia seat. However, if you use the code ‘KK15A‘ at the checkout, you can get an amazing 15% off the price! 


If you’re looking to begin toilet training, or if you just want less clutter and a more comfortable toilet training seat for your younger kids, then you need a Family Seat!


Do you have any toilet training tips or tricks you can share? Pop them in the comments!


Disclosure: We were sent a ‘Talia’ Family Seat in return for this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are our own.





Kelly is a mother of two – her son H and daughter Tink. H is home educated, Tink is autistic. Kelly is a self-employed Virtual Assistant… Life is busy!

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