Turkish hammam towels by Sorbet

Turkish Hammam Towels from Sorbet – Review 

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There’s nothing like a soft, warm, fluffy towel to wrap yourself up in after you’ve had a long, relaxing, bath. Or so I’m told. I wouldn’t know, as a long, relaxing bath is something I can only dream about. I can’t even go to the loo or brush my teeth without being joined by a smallperson or two, so there’s no chance of getting an hour to myself! Instead, I grab a quick shower when I can and drying myself off in super-fast time is the equivalent of an Olympic sport.

I do, however, like a soft, fluffy towel. Trouble is, I tend to find that the super-speedy drying often leaves my skin still damp. So, when I was asked to try out Turkish hammam towels from Sorbet, I was keen to know more.



The business began when Amanda, the founder, discovered beautiful cotton hammam towels on holiday in Turkey a few years ago and was taken with how soft, absorbent and versatile they were. She sourced traditional weavers in Turkey to manufacture her own range in beautiful pastel shades, and Sorbet was born. A few years on and they now offer the original Sorbet Turkish hammam towels in 28 gorgeous colours, a luxury range of bamboo/cotton fibre mix towels, as well as a new delicious range of ice cream colours.




  • 100% cotton, or a 50% cotton/50% bamboo mix
  • Large (180x100cm) and small (90x50cm) sizes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Highly absorbent
  • Quick to dry
  • Versatile

I will be honest (when am I not?!) – I was dubious about how effective these towels would be. They are beautiful to look at and feel like a quality, well-made product. But how could a thin, cotton towel dry my bod properly?



First things first, I had to give them the ‘wash test’. The instructions say to wash at 30 degrees, so, naturally, I ignored that advice and bunged them in with my regular washing at 40. If they’re to be useful to me, they need to fit in with my lifestyle! I also tumble dried them, just to see if they came out ok! I’m happy to report that they came out of the wash-and-dry cycle with no issues and seem to be as good as when they went in.

Next, the big one. How would the towels stand up to the drying test?

I used one of the large towels after a shower. It was a cold day and there was a definite nip in the air in my bathroom. However, as soon as I wrapped the towel around myself, I was surprised to find it was lovely and warm! And, the best part? It dried me completely!

It does feel a little strange using a smooth, cotton fabric instead of fluffy terry towelling, but I can honestly say I was impressed with how effective it is. And it doesn’t take long to dry out fully afterwards, compared to a terry towel.



What I think is really great about these towels is how versatile they are. As well as using them for drying you and the kids after bathing, they make lovely throws for your furniture, or perhaps pretty tablecloths. Or you can use them on the beach as a picnic blanket or even as a cover-up/sarong type affair. Or even a lightweight wrap instead of a coat!

Also, I love how compact they are. I can’t wait to take them camping, and will probably stock up with more to replace the huge bag of terry towels we usually have to find room for. They’d be brilliant in a gym or swimming bag too.

And the range of colours is amazing – they’re so pretty! My mum had one of the cotton/bamboo mix towels and was very impressed with how well it washes and how quickly it dries, as well as the space-saving opportunities (this means they must be good – she has very high standards!)



Sorbet’s range of Turkish hammam towels can be found here, with prices ranging from £10.00 for a small towel to £20.00 for a large towel. The bamboo mix towels are priced at £25.00 and there are more products available, including huge throws and a funky beach clutch! However, you could enter my giveaway below and maybe you’ll win some of your own!


Beautiful Turkish cotton hammam towels from Sorbet. Pretty colours, versatile and space-saving! Review here...


I have my eye on the ginger throw now. It would go perfectly in my hyyge corner. Find more tips on how to hyyge your home here!




How do you fancy winning a couple of these beautiful, versatile towels of your own? Or maybe give them as gifts? Sorbet have very kindly offered one lucky winner the chance to win two large hammam towels – worth £40!  Just enter my giveaway using the Gleam widget below! (Please note: the winner is not able to choose the colours of the towels they receive – this is decided by Sorbet.)

Enter Competition

Disclosure: I was sent some Turkish hammam towels for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.



Kelly is a mother of two – her son H and daughter Tink. H is home educated, Tink is autistic. Kelly is a self-employed Virtual Assistant… Life is busy!

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Tammy Stevenson

I love the blueberry


Ocean Crush

Diane Duggan

I think ocean crush is lovely.

Laura Lee

Iced Early Grey is lovely. Fantastic prize, fingers crossed 🙂

Rebecca Smith

bubblegum pink

Scott Fallon

I like blueberry

Sam Cornford

Fizzy Lime.

Fiona jk42

I love the Ocean Crush colour.

angela edmonds


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Iced earl grey xx

Emma Davison

Tough choice. I like the pink purple and blue ones.


Sky blue 🙂

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Lavender Cooler 🙂

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Iced Earl Grey

Joanna Kasznicki



I think the Earl Grey Throw.

Sarah Wilson

Iced Earl Grey

Rachel White

All the colours are lovely but if I had to choose it’d be the blue lagoon


The lavender one, my towels are looking a bit worn

Keith Hunt

Sky Blue

Sarah Parker

blue skies

Mike W

There all good but I like the Lime.

Jo Hutchings

My favourite colour is the Tutti Frutti it would be perfect for the seaside.

Maria Jane Knight


Kirsteen MacKay

I love the Blue Skies


Love the blue skies colour but they all look so pretty

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I like the Ocean Crush shade 🙂


I like bubblegum pink

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Zesty lemon – nice and bright

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Bubblegum pink

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Almost impossible to choose one colour from the fab selection but I would go for the zingy lime.

Em S

Earl grey is my favourite, very smart

Elzbieta Znyk

The Bubblegum pink.

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Ocean crush as match my bathroom

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I like the Pistachio one

sheri Darby


Adrian Bold

I like the Ocean Crush – Thanks for the competition.

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ocean crush


For me it has to be the satsuma colour i love it!

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Fizzy Lime for my bathroom

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I like the bubblegum pink one (pink is my fav colour)

Anthea Holloway

I love the Fizzy Lime colour but they are all very colourful.

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Ocean crush


Lemon Sherbert

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The Bubblegum Pink is my favourite

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turkish sea

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Blue Skies 🙂


I like the Orangeade one the most, such a cheerful colour.

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Blue lagoon!

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I like Ocean Crush