The Weekly Weigh In – Week 5

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It’s that time again! Here are this week’s stats:

Week: 5

Loss: 2lbs

Total to date: 12.5lbs

So, what I have learned this week is that eating McDonald’s could actually help you lose weight! Or something. Seeing as I had two this week (one was in the name of work and was virtually forced down my throat, the second was more of an “oh, f*** it” moment after a long day out), I was not hopeful for any sort of loss, let alone 2lbs! That takes me to 8.5lbs with Slimming World, and, with the 4lbs I lost during the doomed Weight Watchers week, I’m almost a stone down in just over a month!

This week, thanks to that 2lb loss, I got my first shiny!


Each time you lose half a stone, you are given a certificate and a pretty, shiny sticker to stick on your book. My old book was covered in them, and I’m hoping this one will be too.


I am finding that not staying to group is not helping me. I really need to feel accountable, and with the weigh-and-run system I have going at the moment, it’s too easy not to worry if the scales show a gain (fortunately, they haven’t, yet!). This means that I have been a little more relaxed with my eating than I probably should be.


I choose not to stay for two reasons; I weigh in the morning after dropping the kids at school. It’s a large group and takes a while to get through everyone, which means the meeting part doesn’t finish till almost lunch time. I just don’t have daytime to waste sitting around! The other reason is that I don’t really gel with the group leader. She hasn’t come across as very approachable yet (the little I’ve seen of her, with not staying) and there’s just something about her that I can’t put my finger on! I’m sorry if that sounds a little judgemental, but if I don’t feel comfortable with someone, I can’t invest my precious time. I’m considering trying a different group in a couple of weeks. It’s an evening group, but I will feel more able to stay, as the kids will be in bed and I’m only missing out on watching rubbish telly.


I didn’t eat anything exceptionally yummy or inspiring this week, so here’s a photo of the Big Mac meal I made and scoffed instead. Let it serve as a warning… 37 syns!!!


Kelly is a mother of two – her son H and daughter Tink. H is home educated, Tink is autistic. Kelly is a self-employed Virtual Assistant… Life is busy!

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Caroline Archibald

Well done Kel, 37 syns , omg, thing is I never feel like I’ve had a meal so I’m always wanting more food later on . Haven’t had a Mc for months now & I think I’ll steer clear knowing the syns.